Tuesday, 24 December 2013

☆The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪ ♥ Day Eleven

♥Day 11 - 11 Idols (can include celebrities, models, bloggers etc)

I've mentioned a few already but I shall go through them all in no particular order

1-Festu chan- Her ability to make anything beautiful, to have the courage to be who she is and most of all her sweet personality. She isn't afraid to show her styles off and her confidence is super inspiring

2-Florrie clark- She has such a talent to create the most beautiful co-ords, she can add the smallest accesor and it would dramatically effect the whole outfit, she looks stunning and she's not afraid to show off her style.

3-Cat (CanuDoitCat)-this girl is bouncy, funny, and a real inspiration as a whole. She really is a ray of light you can fall back on whether its through her video's or blog, She deserves a lot more love than she receives!

4-Elizabunni- I don't know what to refer to here as but No matter what I'm still a massive fan. I love her blog and vlogs and Her cute personality and the will to help others is super admirable. Her style is super cute and I love the way she wears both super girly clothes and then plays a masculine twist on to it, both are super cute.

5-Princess peachie- She helped me slowly understand Lolita, understand how to order from bodyline and always kept me and many others to push through any negative comments when starting out. She's a major help and motivation and living proof that brand isn't a main thing for Lolita's because she always looks perfect without it.

6-Kelsey Kimonotime- Her energetic and motivational way of getting things done is super inspiring, Through her videos she truly puts 100% into them and her dances are so jaw dropping you can see her efforts paying off. She inspires me to do anything if I put the work into it.

7- Misako Aoki- I love how she still does Lolita at her age, I hope she does it forever and ever, she looks so beautiful in her style and I don't think age should be a boundary for anyone to start wearing Lolita. I'm glad that she doesn't tone down her style either, you can be 100 and still wear pink frilly dresses-being a princess has no age limit.

8- Kyarry Pamyu Pamyu- her quirky fashions and not being afraid of pulling silly faces makes her one of my idols. Even though she's beautiful she not the type to always smile perfectly. She plays around and makes you feel bubbly inside

9- Minori- Her love for Shironuri is truly inspirational, she's so elegant and whimsical in her style and her positivity to wear such an unusual fashion just makes me admire her even more. She is what introduced me to Shironuri fashion, and even though I do not partake in Shironuri, it has greatly influenced my style.

10- Kumamiki- Her determination to have her fashion business, and her own love for fashion and sewing really motivated me to try to reach my dreams in life, it changed me entirely and her goals and motives are truly beautiful.

11- All my Lolita friends who are supportive, pretty and so kind, you all inspire me with you're own styles. I could say so much about you all but I'll just say thank you as a whole!

I realise I've kind of repeated a few things for some people but everyone here is major factor on my journey as a Lolita

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