Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New years resoloutions and haul!

As you know it tomorrow is a new year and a new start for most of us , and even though we may not have achieved last years goals our determination to try again should still be appreciated. Although I've briefly gone through my new years resolutions I'm going to add a few~

1. To start doing yoga at least once a week.
2. To keep my animal crossing town Alive (To remain active)

3. To have a clean and tidy room by the end of the year

4. To own a IW jsk

5. To stick to my diet for at least 3 months

6. To upload a blog post at least once a week

7. To keep in contact with pen pals

8. To give more to charity- old clothes, food, money

9. To do more good deeds for strangers

10. To study well for my exams

11. To go out more and do things with my year -picnics, Cinema, Coffee shops, day trips,

12. To not wind up in A&E

13. To buy another tofu and alpaca plushies

14. To become more active

15. To stop being lazy and make myself tea isn't being 'not bothered'

16. To stat crafting again.

I could go on and on, But I've bored you enough~

Although some people find it stupid that we choose this day to start over, I Personally love the idea. If people without the will power to usually improve their lives finally get the feeling of a fresh start then why shouldn't we try, as long as we try to make our lives and the lives of others around us better then theres no problem.

Now here's a small haul of what I brought yesterday~ I hope you'll enjoy.

Two skirts (one floral and one long and spotty)
One wicker basket-great for picnics or a summery co-ord
A lavender hanky and bath seed set (I love lavender)
A 'just pink' bath set from next
A bunny back pack (I've been wanting this cutie for awhile now!)
A floral 2014 calendar and diary
A pink jumper with a denim collar
Pink bear earphones
And a candy note pad~

Most of these were from my local charity shop (One persons clutter is another ones treasure)

I hope you guys have had a wonderful year and I hope 2014 will be even better! I'm looking forward to sharking the new year with you all. What will you guys be doing in 2014?

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