Thursday, 12 December 2013

J-fashion Review: SpreePicky-Grumpy cat hoodie

Today I'll be reviewing the grumpy cat jumper (pullover) from spree picky. I'd been dying to buy from them for weeks before I finally gave up with myself and finally purchased this item, and it truly is Magnificent!

First of all I'd like to say I purchased this myself, like I haven't been asked to review them but they're super cheap, nice quality, and amazing service I recommend them for any j-fashion lovers! <3

(lets get started! ♡ )

SpreePicky is a store envy shop which you can find

They sell a wide range of clothes but they cater mostly for cute Harajuku fashion lovers. They have Lolita, cosplay, shoes, accessories etc. seriously they have lots and I'm sure they'll have something for you! ♡

The grumpy cat hoodie was a mere $25.99 (£
15.83) with free international shipping-WITH tracking included!
This is an absolute bargain, Tracking from Asia is usually extremely expsensive and seeing as the Jumper is so affordable as itself I was surprised that the shipping was free. It also arrived within 2 weeks which is amazing timing too which really  astonished me again.

They come in one size sleeve/68 bust/96 length/60(CM) and in three Colours: white / grey/black

Here are my photo's

here is the jumper laid out (with tag)

Close up


With SpreePicky packaging and free ring
And here is the super cute free gift they gave me
 (on top of everything already a free gift arrggghh ;u;  <3)

 And here is the jumper when worn!

(Back straight)
(worn when sitting down (slouched)

I truly am in love with this product, it was initially a Christmas present for myself but I've had to ask my mother to have it early! ♡

Review summary! 
Shipping: 5/5 -Came very quickly for international, was free and had tracking A+ shipping-truly bravo ;u;

Colour: 5/5 -bright and clear, if not even more vivid than pictured . no cracking and wasn't creased when I received it.

Comfort: 4.5/5 Just the right size for me, though I prefer slightly longer sleeves (due to my long arms) but this was just right

Seller: 5/5 - an amazing seller, They have a great store, great prices, and wow I'm blown away by how great their entire service was (and the cute little freebie!)

Over all: I'm in love with spree picky, their fast service, their great prices, easy payment, and just good quality as a whole, I'll be certainly buying from them again!

Okay So even though this is a very small review (I did only buy one item from them-sorry) I do hope I'll be buying from them soon in a few weeks so expect another review in a few weeks!


The store:
The product reviewed: Grumpy cat hoodie

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