Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Lolita meet 2013~

Last Saturday was Lolita day (winter). There are two of these each year, One on the first Saturday of June, and the other on the first Saturday of December. This was the first Time I'd actually Gone to a meet on world Lolita day.

~My outfit~
I wore my BTSSB Usakumya going out jsk (pink) to the meet, accompanied with Meta's Alphabet socks (black), An off brand black blouse, bodyline pink high heeled shoes, an off brand white caplet, a Choco mint strawberry ring, various off brand false pearl bracelets and necklace Handmade bloomers (not by me) and an Off brand pink tights underneath.

It was super exciting, the meet was set in Reading and there were so many Lolita's from across the local area's and even some from further away. There was also a secret Santa between us all, I lost the blue tissue paper I had to wrap my secret Santa's gift in the day before so sadly it went un wrapped (sorry! ;n;)

The gifts I received were beautiful and I'm seriously in love with them.!


This was the whole bundle, it was beautifully wrapped but sadly I didn't get a picture of everything wrapped up
 This was a handmade large head bow/broach (You could have it as either)
 Here were two tiny head bows, these are more ott sweet than the previous bow but they're so adorable
I fell in love with these beauties at first sight! My secret Santa had handmade them and I just had to wear them as soon as I opened them ♡~

 And to top it all off she gave me a little biscuit to eat too~ (yum my favourite!)

We went to a Christmas fair and then went to Tampopo -A Restaurant with cuisines from all across Asia. There was yummy puddings there, ( I had two bowls of ice cream-opps) And everyone was so welcoming. I'd not been to a meet in awhile but it was amazing because everyone was so close by. The Berkshire Lolita group had arranged this meet and it was really good so Thank you to everyone who participated and organised this meet, I hope to see you soon at the 'Tea and Cake' event in February!

How did you guys celebrate world Lolita day? Did you stay are home? Get dressed up? order a dream Dress? Is it a Major celebration in your comm, or Do you not bother with it. I'd love to know guys so post below!

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