Sunday, 3 November 2013

Circle lense Review:I-dollsuk- Vanilla shake

Hey guys, yesterday I received my package from I-dollsuk containing these beauties. I-dollsuk is a web store which is based in the UK, great for quick delivery if you're within the UK. They have low low prices for quality contacts-This pair was £13 with shipping and a beautiful contact lenses case, which blew me away.
The owner talked to me about the lenses for a long time and advised me what to do and what would be best for me, which was super lovely and helpful of her. The whole experience with I-dollsuk was amazing, and I shall be returning for more pairs soon!

Contact lenses are extremely popular in gyaru and lolita fashions, the large pattern allows the eyes to appear larger and more doll like. Being able to interchange your eye colour and patterns etc allows more freedom in your fashion, I love the idea of being able to accessorise everything and These contacts allow me to enhance my eyes quite dramatically with little effort.

These are my first pair of circle lenses. Before hand I was too cautious to buy any circle lenses, due to being worried about faulty products, getting lost fro being shipped internationally and just generally knowing very little on how to care for them and how to use properly. I was also very cautious about choosing something so big to go in my eye, but the owner of I-dollsuk told me what would be best for me and advised me on how to care for my eyes and that was very helpful, it made me far less nervous and gave me some confidence in what i was purchasing. I also loved that the store is based in the uk, without the fear of it being broken or messed up on a long journey. It also came very quickly, it came the very next day which was a bonus to the whole experience.

Contact lenses up close (I see you)

I was very surprised with the lenses in a way, due to the 19.5mm I was worried about comfort. I thought maybe they'd be hard to get in, or could irritate my eye, but they were far comfier than average size contacts I've had. It also took my a lot less time than my other pairs, so I could pop them in quickly and go about my business instead of messing around with poking my eye.
Also both the lenses and packaging were beautiful and truly are captivating. Over the years my eyes have turned from a bright blue to a faded grey, so being able to have bright blue eyes again has been refreshing.

You should definitely purchase from them if you're based in the UK and wanting to try contact lenses, the they were affordable, comfy, beautiful, and arrived quickly. They work by sending them a message on their page and leaving them your paypal address. It's super simple and you're covered by paypal's buyers protection policy so if there is a problem you can get your money back.

Shipping: 5/5 -Came the very next day

Colour: 5/5 -Vivid and bright, just like the image advertising the product

Comfort: 5/5 -First time wearer so they feel a little odd at first but after a little while they felt perfectly natural

Seller: 5/5 -Did far more than what was necessary, Helped me out and was just amazing.

Over all: Seriously I've never ordered a product and been so amazed and satisfied. Probably one of my top purchases of the year, definitely in my top 5! and will be buying from the seller soon hopefully!

The store:I-dollsuk

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