Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New years resoloutions and haul!

As you know it tomorrow is a new year and a new start for most of us , and even though we may not have achieved last years goals our determination to try again should still be appreciated. Although I've briefly gone through my new years resolutions I'm going to add a few~

1. To start doing yoga at least once a week.
2. To keep my animal crossing town Alive (To remain active)

3. To have a clean and tidy room by the end of the year

4. To own a IW jsk

5. To stick to my diet for at least 3 months

6. To upload a blog post at least once a week

7. To keep in contact with pen pals

8. To give more to charity- old clothes, food, money

9. To do more good deeds for strangers

10. To study well for my exams

11. To go out more and do things with my year -picnics, Cinema, Coffee shops, day trips,

12. To not wind up in A&E

13. To buy another tofu and alpaca plushies

14. To become more active

15. To stop being lazy and make myself tea isn't being 'not bothered'

16. To stat crafting again.

I could go on and on, But I've bored you enough~

Although some people find it stupid that we choose this day to start over, I Personally love the idea. If people without the will power to usually improve their lives finally get the feeling of a fresh start then why shouldn't we try, as long as we try to make our lives and the lives of others around us better then theres no problem.

Now here's a small haul of what I brought yesterday~ I hope you'll enjoy.

Two skirts (one floral and one long and spotty)
One wicker basket-great for picnics or a summery co-ord
A lavender hanky and bath seed set (I love lavender)
A 'just pink' bath set from next
A bunny back pack (I've been wanting this cutie for awhile now!)
A floral 2014 calendar and diary
A pink jumper with a denim collar
Pink bear earphones
And a candy note pad~

Most of these were from my local charity shop (One persons clutter is another ones treasure)

I hope you guys have had a wonderful year and I hope 2014 will be even better! I'm looking forward to sharking the new year with you all. What will you guys be doing in 2014?

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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

☆The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪ ♥ Day Twelve!

♥Day 12 - 12 Resolutions for next year!

Okay, so I've started to be slightly less lazy, I have a lot of goals for the new year so lets start!

1- To start doing yoga

2-To have a tidy room by the end of the year

3- To own a IW jsk

4- To keep up to date with pen pals

5- To follow through with a diet for 3 months straight

6- buy another alpaca plushie

7- (To be confident and) Order something via closet child

8- To repaint room and take down posters

9- To Perfectly cook Tofu

10- To study for exams

11- To get an attack on titan cosplay together (Marco)

12- To pass Japanese!

These twelve days were fun, I messed up a bit but I've learnt alot! what will you guys be wishing for in the new year?  I'd love to know!

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☆The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪ ♥ Day Eleven

♥Day 11 - 11 Idols (can include celebrities, models, bloggers etc)

I've mentioned a few already but I shall go through them all in no particular order

1-Festu chan- Her ability to make anything beautiful, to have the courage to be who she is and most of all her sweet personality. She isn't afraid to show her styles off and her confidence is super inspiring

2-Florrie clark- She has such a talent to create the most beautiful co-ords, she can add the smallest accesor and it would dramatically effect the whole outfit, she looks stunning and she's not afraid to show off her style.

3-Cat (CanuDoitCat)-this girl is bouncy, funny, and a real inspiration as a whole. She really is a ray of light you can fall back on whether its through her video's or blog, She deserves a lot more love than she receives!

4-Elizabunni- I don't know what to refer to here as but No matter what I'm still a massive fan. I love her blog and vlogs and Her cute personality and the will to help others is super admirable. Her style is super cute and I love the way she wears both super girly clothes and then plays a masculine twist on to it, both are super cute.

5-Princess peachie- She helped me slowly understand Lolita, understand how to order from bodyline and always kept me and many others to push through any negative comments when starting out. She's a major help and motivation and living proof that brand isn't a main thing for Lolita's because she always looks perfect without it.

6-Kelsey Kimonotime- Her energetic and motivational way of getting things done is super inspiring, Through her videos she truly puts 100% into them and her dances are so jaw dropping you can see her efforts paying off. She inspires me to do anything if I put the work into it.

7- Misako Aoki- I love how she still does Lolita at her age, I hope she does it forever and ever, she looks so beautiful in her style and I don't think age should be a boundary for anyone to start wearing Lolita. I'm glad that she doesn't tone down her style either, you can be 100 and still wear pink frilly dresses-being a princess has no age limit.

8- Kyarry Pamyu Pamyu- her quirky fashions and not being afraid of pulling silly faces makes her one of my idols. Even though she's beautiful she not the type to always smile perfectly. She plays around and makes you feel bubbly inside

9- Minori- Her love for Shironuri is truly inspirational, she's so elegant and whimsical in her style and her positivity to wear such an unusual fashion just makes me admire her even more. She is what introduced me to Shironuri fashion, and even though I do not partake in Shironuri, it has greatly influenced my style.

10- Kumamiki- Her determination to have her fashion business, and her own love for fashion and sewing really motivated me to try to reach my dreams in life, it changed me entirely and her goals and motives are truly beautiful.

11- All my Lolita friends who are supportive, pretty and so kind, you all inspire me with you're own styles. I could say so much about you all but I'll just say thank you as a whole!

I realise I've kind of repeated a few things for some people but everyone here is major factor on my journey as a Lolita

Sunday, 22 December 2013

☆The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪ ♥ Day Ten

♥Day 10 - 10 Christmas Gift ideas for someone who is into the same kind of stuff~

I'm going to be very vague when I say the items, because Lolita has such a wide range of sub fashions, but each thing can be accommodated for each style e.g. flower crowns can have a more dark colour theme like red, blue, black etc for a more gothic twist

1- Otk's
2- Flower crowns
3- tea parties (shoes)
4- Rings
5- Patterned tights
6- Head bows
7- New petticoat (for extra puff in the new year)
8- A new diary for the Lolita events in the new year

9- A new relevant fashion magazine-because new tutorials are good for a fresh look

10- New make up for a vibrant new year

☆The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪ ♥ Day Nine

♥Day 9 - 9 Favourite or inspiring blogs/YouTube channels!

1- Deerstalker pictures (check out their channel here)

Their videos are truly beautiful, and They have so many really smart and funny videos, I love their fashion videos, their songs, and of course senor arpakaso as well as many more of their videos.

2- LolitaFashionUK (check out their channel here)

Love being able to see the beautiful Lolita's and the Lolita events of the UK. The videos on this channel are beautiful and its great to see so many beautiful outfits as well as familiar faces.

3- Intrinsically Florrie-(check out her blog here)
I love her constant co-ord run downs, her fashion updates, fashion events etc. She takes amazing photographs and writes and shows in the best possible detail what she is on about. Her blog is beautiful, simple and simply well put together and is one of my favourite Lolita-related website. Her blog is an absolute favourite for me and is one every loli-or kawaii fashion enthusiast should check out
4-  ♥Cotton♥Candy♥Happy♥ (check out her blog here)This is a beautiful, cute blog for any kawaii fashion lover. Her amazing outfits and cute personality makes it hard not to adore this blog. The whole blog is a sugary heaven, with tiny sparkly bubbles floating around, the cutest layout and with an easily navigation on the page. Her reviews and hauls are definitely something to check out!
5- ⋆*Fetsu-Chan*⋆ (check out her blog here)Her blogs, tutorials and her YouTube are all very inspirational for whatever fashion you're interested in. She can pull off so many styles with such confidence and her blog is beautifully put together, and her reviews and hauls are extremely detailed and insightful. Both her blog and vlog are Personal favourites of mine.

6- CanuDoitCat (check out her channel

I'm in love with this channel, over time this channel has blossomed into something beautiful. It shows a nice side of Lolita you don't usually see, especially being able to see someone travel around, experience loads of things that is out of reach and Cat makes you fee like you're included on the whole journey. 

7-lovely Lor (you can check out her channel here)

This channel is one for everyone, seriously, its funny even if you don't understand Lolita terminology, I love the fact she can laugh about the silly troubles Lolita's get and its just great to see a whole series of fun and laughter that you can joke around watching even with non-Lolita enthusiasts.

8- Princess Peachie (check out her channel here)

Princess peachie was a major influence in my Lolita journey so she would have to be on here. her videos re-kindled my love for Lolita. She's so doll like and sweet and she really helps wih her tutorials and her explanation videos that it really helped me understand Lolita. Beautiful videos and always a bit of a laugh to.

9- Beckie0 (check out her channel here)

She may not be Lolita related but she's still my inspiration, And one of my favourite vloggers. She has been through a lot yet still stands strong. She is such an inspiration and I've fallen madly in love with her videos, her quirkiness, and yet Beckie herself.

☆The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪ ♥ Day eight

♥Day 8 - 8 Favourite items that you currently own (or dream items if you don't have 8 items currently ><!)

1- Angelic pretty La carte tea time white (with hair bow and matching socks)

2- BTSSB heart bag pink

3- Usakumya going out jsk

4- sugary carnival tote

5- white caplet-I wanted an Angelic pretty one in white with faux pearls on but I was gifted a white caplet from my mother and I love it to pieces.

6- Emily temple cute Picnic OP (though I want in pink and brought in blue)

And two items I'd like is ...

7-  magical etoile jsk blue

8- sugar hearts white jsk

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

☆The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪ ♥ Day seven

♥Day 7 - 7 Favourite shops you loooove to buy from related to your interest!~

I mostly buy from the Facebook sales so I'm sadly deprived of experience of other stores. I've brought from a few online stores I love but in person, so I'll not include them. Sorry that this isn't as long or detailed but I can't say a lot about these except they are beautiful and amazing places you should check out. Though for places like eBay I've found the odd piece or two going for cheap, for such broad examples I've given be sure and safe and aware who you're buying from.

Lolita sales U.K. (facebook)

Lolita sales EU (facebook)

storenvy- Spree picky

4. I-dollsuk

5. Ebay (but cautiously)

Shops I plan to buy because I ran out of stores I've actually purchased from


7. Qutieland

8. RococoDaze

9. Glitterbomb

10. Pinkicon

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

☆The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪ ♥ Day six

♥Day 6 - 6 Pet Peeves about your interest (eg; price, how it frustrates you etc)

1- Hard to access new items

In the UK its fairly hard to buy new Brand items without paying an arm and leg for shipping and actually knowing and having the confidence to order from brand stores. Every time I attempt I get put off greatly. If there was a walk in store Then I'd be at ease but sadly that's a foolish dream. I'd like a proper set up shop in which Lolita could buy from, instead of shacks in Camden which is usually over priced and poor quality. If only there was a BTSSB or IW in London~ A girl can dream.


I find the communities extremely intimidating to this day, let alone when I started. I'm terrified to talk to others in case I've done something wrong. I think there is a lot of intimidation in Lolita. Pressures to be a perfect Lolita without asking for help, like its assumed you should understand everything as soon as you show an interest in it. There are groups out there to help but I still feel greatly intimidated.

3- High prices

Now I know The brands have to keep their prices high because of the few people the products are relevant to, the fact many buyers live internationally so shipping shall be a lot. But seriously no matter how beautiful a dress is, Spending £200 on a dress in insane in my eyes. I never used to buy things over £1.50 on average before I got into Lolita, and now I think £78 for a skirt is a bargain? that's a big difference to go through in a few months. And despite that's just my inner stinginess others must agree that on average £300 to £400 for a newly released dress is a little barmy- but then again a plain jacket from Christian Dior can cost around the same amount and have no excuse apart from tag, at least with brand Lolita clothes you do get good quality and mostly what you're paying for.

4- Peoples reactions

No matter how many times I'll set off in Lolita for the day filled with a 'don't care what others think' attitude, There's only so much a girl can take. There is so many times an old lady can cackle at you at say 'how ridiculous, if my grandchildren wore that...' Like, if your grand children wore that and was happy who are you to judge. people who take pictures and laugh, people who think they're better than others who don't look like others. You've only proved your small minded. If you gain some joy from making others feel bad about themselves then you should re-evaluate your life. I'm glad I have parents who followed Punk/Goth fashions who not only encourage but stick up for me in public.

5- 'Lolita' the book and misconceptions

'Lolita? You mean Paedophilia?' No, not really. no not at all. I dislike it when I actually get the chance to try and explain my fashion to people that they just assume from the name that I'm a sexual deviant. Sorry but although I can understand when you link the two-having the same name and all, but if you've bothered to ask and listen to the name then you can at least listen to my explanation how it is NOT Anything in a way of seducing older men. I don't know of any Lolita's who don't wear the fashion for themselves, Yes themselves. Funnily enough people can do things for themselves, not for a pleasing others. I have my body covered, only wrists and face showing, so telling me I'm slutty Isn't going to make me do anything but laugh

6- 'Nice cosplay'

Another one which I don't blame people for but its still a little annoying. I mean cosplay takes a lot of time and money to, But the major difference is that Lolita is a fashion and cosplay is just costumes. I know it is an eccentric fashion but The fact people can't tell the love and time people put into it is still hurtful though I know why they'd assume.

Monday, 16 December 2013

☆The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪ ♥ Day Five

♥Day 5 - 5 of your favourite websites related to your cute interest!

I have sooo many, goshhh This is too hard @u@

1- Tumblr

I get to see people coordinates from all across the world, peoples cute rooms, plushies, food, the whole website is a massive inspiration to me for outfits, crafts etc. Tumblr is One of the main reasons I am a Lolita today, and it still holds a great importance to me.

2- Facebook

My Facebook is where I mostly go to for things relating Lolita, a lot of people on it is a Lolita, or is at least most of them are j-fashion enthusiasts. I see updates from others about latest releases, re-releases, collabs everything a person needs, the Facebook sales are there too, I Use Facebook to keep notified on my comm also.

(I adore blogs, so the rest will be made up of some of my favourite blogs.)

3- Intrinsically Florrie-(check out her blog

I love her constant co-ord run downs, her fashion updates, fashion events etc. She takes amazing photographs and writes and shows in the best possible detail what she is on about. Her blog is beautiful, simple and simply well put together and is one of my favourite Lolita-related website. Her blog is an absolute favourite for me and is one every loli-or kawaii fashion enthusiast should check out

4-  ♥Cotton♥Candy♥Happy♥ (check out her blog
This is a beautiful, cute blog for any kawaii fashion lover. Her amazing outfits and cute personality makes it hard not to adore this blog. The whole blog is a sugary heaven, with tiny sparkly bubbles floating around, the cutest layout and with an easily navigation on the page. Her reviews and hauls are definitely something to check out!

5- ⋆*Fetsu-Chan*⋆ (check out her blog
Her blogs, tutorials and her YouTube are all very inspirational for whatever fashion you're interested in. She can pull off so many styles with such confidence and her blog is beautifully put together, and her reviews and hauls are extremely detailed and insightful. Both her blog and vlog are Personal favourites of mine.

The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪:-Day Four

♥Day 4 - 4 Models that inspire you to dress up! (this can include akiba idols~)

With this I feel like I can say so many but I can't seem to pick a single name out of my head-this make take awhile...

One-Misako Aoki

Though it may seem cheesy to some people I really love Misako and style. She looks so elegant but not over the top sweet, pearls, lace, elegant doll like make up. And the way that even though others would rather stop Lolita past 30, not only does she continue but she rocks it. She's really feminine and her style of Lolita Is a big inspiration to mine, and without her I may have gone down a different path without Lolita.

Two- Akira

she is so beautiful and I adore the fact one moment she can look like a sophisticated gentleman, to a elegant young maiden. As soon as I saw her I was amazed at how perfect she looked in both feminine clothes and masculine! She makes me feel like whatever gender the clothes are usually assigned to doesn't matter, as long s you're happy in it and enjoy yourself what does it matter, just be who you are.

Three- Midori

Midori to be in the living porcelain doll. I couldn't believe that she looks so adorable in both kodona and Lolita. She's like Akira in a way to me in the sense I feel very confident in wearing whatever, no matter what gender the clothes is assigned to seeing how perfect the both look in very contrasting fashions. Midori Is a big inspiration for me, her more classic and boy styles have greatly impacted me into adoring the classic side of Lolita.

Four- Dita Von Teese

I don't think she particularly inspires my fashion, but I love her attitude, which inspires me. She's no ashamed of her body and does what she loves, submerses herself in her own ideal life style and I Respect that highly.

Midori in boystyle~

Sunday, 15 December 2013

The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪:-Day Three

I accidently deleted day three this morning so I'll re-write it now (sorry)

♥Day 3 - 3 Bands you enjoy listening to, that make you feel cute!

I have various different types of music I listen to for the various types of cute I feel at times. As you know there's so many variations of cute, puppy cute, old people cute, flower cute etc. There's so many cutes out there that I need different styles depending on the cute I'm feeling.

If I'm in a more classic cute feel-like elegant doll cute, then I'll listen to piano pieces, classical music and old nursery rhymes. They give me a sophisticated cute feel.

If I'm in more of a more playful, happy cute I'll listen to cutesy anime openings, like chobits, ouran, fruits basket etc. Also Songs like Chelsea Girl, and bambino bambina by Yukari Tamura. Songs by Mindy Gledhill are also cutesy and very soothing, her upbeat ones make me super happy and cute, songs like pennies, I do adore and trouble no more. Also Kyarry Pamyu Pamyu is a must have for upbeat cute madness. Mika is also a great type of quirky cuteness. Al these make me feel cute <3

Friday, 13 December 2013

The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪:-Day two

For Day 2 - 2 ways you discovered the fashion/interest you love! I'll be talking about my gradual journey into Lolita. There was so many roots to this path, but I'll try and summarise! :)
It started really when I became interested in manga, It got me interested in Japan as a whole which lead to me looking up their notoriously quirky fashions. I feel in love with Lolita but after awhile I lost interest in it. Then about this time last year I had become really interested in Tumblr. After I set up my account I began to see loads of pictures of these beautiful girls in frilly dresses. It rekindled my love or this endearing fashion.
I began to buy from bodyline in February of this year yet sadly none of my dresses arrived on time. Slowly and gradually I learned more and more about this amazing fashion, and although I still have alto to learn I still believe I've come along way. Mere months ago I never believed I'd own any brand dresses in my wardrobe and now I even have two of my dream dresses! Brand isn't what's important though but the fact I managed to fulfil tiny dreams of mine.

That's my story of Lolita, I hope you guys can continue to flourish in what you love and follow your dreams because anything is possible! (sorry for comparing dream dresses to life goals but aren't they dreamy?)
I just hope you will never give up, never get intimidated to do what you love and always strive for the very best!

☆The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪:-Day one

Even though I am a day late I shall participating in theeeeee
☆The 12 Days Of Cutemas☆♪
I'm a day behind so just expect two uploads from me today!
Please feel free to participate in the 12 days of Cutemas as well, no matter how late you've found it

(For the ☆12DOC☆, all you have to do is blog the theme on each day!)

♥Day 1 - Introduction (self intro! Even if you've already done one.. do it again!)
♥Day 2 - 2 ways you discovered the fashion/interest you love!
♥Day 3 - 3 Bands you enjoy listening to, that make you feel cute!
♥Day 4 - 4 Models that inspire you to dress up! (this can include akiba idols~)
♥Day 5 - 5 of your favourite websites related to your cute interest!
♥Day 6 - 6 Pet Peeves about your interest (eg; price, how it frustrates you etc)
♥Day 7 - 7 Favourite shops you loooove to buy from related to your interest!~
♥Day 8 - 8 Favourite items that you currently own (or dream items if you don't have 8 items currently ><!)
♥Day 9 - 9 Favourite or inspiring blogs/YouTube channels!
♥Day 10 - 10 Christmas Gift ideas for someone who is into the same kind of stuff~
♥Day 11 - 11 Idols (can include celebrities, models, bloggers etc)
♥Day 12 - 12 Resolutions for next year!
Today is Day 1 - Introduction!

My name is Ophelia, I'm a sweet Lolita who lives in southern England. I have many hobbies including collecting vintage Polly Pockets, tidying, crafting and Lolita fashion.
I love candles, socks, pearly things and elephant seals. I love so many genres when it comes to music, books and movies and also many fashion, styles! Including Mori girl, cult party Kei, Shironuri, fairy Kei, and Ouija styles, though sweet and classic Lolita are my main passions!
I also love plushies, especially Hannari tofu which are my one true love! Just who can resist their tofu charms? Not me. ~u~

I hope you all have a merry Cutemas and a fluffy new year!!!♪


Thursday, 12 December 2013

J-fashion Review: SpreePicky-Grumpy cat hoodie

Today I'll be reviewing the grumpy cat jumper (pullover) from spree picky. I'd been dying to buy from them for weeks before I finally gave up with myself and finally purchased this item, and it truly is Magnificent!

First of all I'd like to say I purchased this myself, like I haven't been asked to review them but they're super cheap, nice quality, and amazing service I recommend them for any j-fashion lovers! <3

(lets get started! ♡ )

SpreePicky is a store envy shop which you can find

They sell a wide range of clothes but they cater mostly for cute Harajuku fashion lovers. They have Lolita, cosplay, shoes, accessories etc. seriously they have lots and I'm sure they'll have something for you! ♡

The grumpy cat hoodie was a mere $25.99 (£
15.83) with free international shipping-WITH tracking included!
This is an absolute bargain, Tracking from Asia is usually extremely expsensive and seeing as the Jumper is so affordable as itself I was surprised that the shipping was free. It also arrived within 2 weeks which is amazing timing too which really  astonished me again.

They come in one size sleeve/68 bust/96 length/60(CM) and in three Colours: white / grey/black

Here are my photo's

here is the jumper laid out (with tag)

Close up


With SpreePicky packaging and free ring
And here is the super cute free gift they gave me
 (on top of everything already a free gift arrggghh ;u;  <3)

 And here is the jumper when worn!

(Back straight)
(worn when sitting down (slouched)

I truly am in love with this product, it was initially a Christmas present for myself but I've had to ask my mother to have it early! ♡

Review summary! 
Shipping: 5/5 -Came very quickly for international, was free and had tracking A+ shipping-truly bravo ;u;

Colour: 5/5 -bright and clear, if not even more vivid than pictured . no cracking and wasn't creased when I received it.

Comfort: 4.5/5 Just the right size for me, though I prefer slightly longer sleeves (due to my long arms) but this was just right

Seller: 5/5 - an amazing seller, They have a great store, great prices, and wow I'm blown away by how great their entire service was (and the cute little freebie!)

Over all: I'm in love with spree picky, their fast service, their great prices, easy payment, and just good quality as a whole, I'll be certainly buying from them again!

Okay So even though this is a very small review (I did only buy one item from them-sorry) I do hope I'll be buying from them soon in a few weeks so expect another review in a few weeks!


The store:
The product reviewed: Grumpy cat hoodie

Previous review: I-dollsuk (contact lenses)

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Lolita meet 2013~

Last Saturday was Lolita day (winter). There are two of these each year, One on the first Saturday of June, and the other on the first Saturday of December. This was the first Time I'd actually Gone to a meet on world Lolita day.

~My outfit~
I wore my BTSSB Usakumya going out jsk (pink) to the meet, accompanied with Meta's Alphabet socks (black), An off brand black blouse, bodyline pink high heeled shoes, an off brand white caplet, a Choco mint strawberry ring, various off brand false pearl bracelets and necklace Handmade bloomers (not by me) and an Off brand pink tights underneath.

It was super exciting, the meet was set in Reading and there were so many Lolita's from across the local area's and even some from further away. There was also a secret Santa between us all, I lost the blue tissue paper I had to wrap my secret Santa's gift in the day before so sadly it went un wrapped (sorry! ;n;)

The gifts I received were beautiful and I'm seriously in love with them.!


This was the whole bundle, it was beautifully wrapped but sadly I didn't get a picture of everything wrapped up
 This was a handmade large head bow/broach (You could have it as either)
 Here were two tiny head bows, these are more ott sweet than the previous bow but they're so adorable
I fell in love with these beauties at first sight! My secret Santa had handmade them and I just had to wear them as soon as I opened them ♡~

 And to top it all off she gave me a little biscuit to eat too~ (yum my favourite!)

We went to a Christmas fair and then went to Tampopo -A Restaurant with cuisines from all across Asia. There was yummy puddings there, ( I had two bowls of ice cream-opps) And everyone was so welcoming. I'd not been to a meet in awhile but it was amazing because everyone was so close by. The Berkshire Lolita group had arranged this meet and it was really good so Thank you to everyone who participated and organised this meet, I hope to see you soon at the 'Tea and Cake' event in February!

How did you guys celebrate world Lolita day? Did you stay are home? Get dressed up? order a dream Dress? Is it a Major celebration in your comm, or Do you not bother with it. I'd love to know guys so post below!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Circle lense Review:I-dollsuk- Vanilla shake

Hey guys, yesterday I received my package from I-dollsuk containing these beauties. I-dollsuk is a web store which is based in the UK, great for quick delivery if you're within the UK. They have low low prices for quality contacts-This pair was £13 with shipping and a beautiful contact lenses case, which blew me away.
The owner talked to me about the lenses for a long time and advised me what to do and what would be best for me, which was super lovely and helpful of her. The whole experience with I-dollsuk was amazing, and I shall be returning for more pairs soon!

Contact lenses are extremely popular in gyaru and lolita fashions, the large pattern allows the eyes to appear larger and more doll like. Being able to interchange your eye colour and patterns etc allows more freedom in your fashion, I love the idea of being able to accessorise everything and These contacts allow me to enhance my eyes quite dramatically with little effort.

These are my first pair of circle lenses. Before hand I was too cautious to buy any circle lenses, due to being worried about faulty products, getting lost fro being shipped internationally and just generally knowing very little on how to care for them and how to use properly. I was also very cautious about choosing something so big to go in my eye, but the owner of I-dollsuk told me what would be best for me and advised me on how to care for my eyes and that was very helpful, it made me far less nervous and gave me some confidence in what i was purchasing. I also loved that the store is based in the uk, without the fear of it being broken or messed up on a long journey. It also came very quickly, it came the very next day which was a bonus to the whole experience.

Contact lenses up close (I see you)

I was very surprised with the lenses in a way, due to the 19.5mm I was worried about comfort. I thought maybe they'd be hard to get in, or could irritate my eye, but they were far comfier than average size contacts I've had. It also took my a lot less time than my other pairs, so I could pop them in quickly and go about my business instead of messing around with poking my eye.
Also both the lenses and packaging were beautiful and truly are captivating. Over the years my eyes have turned from a bright blue to a faded grey, so being able to have bright blue eyes again has been refreshing.

You should definitely purchase from them if you're based in the UK and wanting to try contact lenses, the they were affordable, comfy, beautiful, and arrived quickly. They work by sending them a message on their page and leaving them your paypal address. It's super simple and you're covered by paypal's buyers protection policy so if there is a problem you can get your money back.

Shipping: 5/5 -Came the very next day

Colour: 5/5 -Vivid and bright, just like the image advertising the product

Comfort: 5/5 -First time wearer so they feel a little odd at first but after a little while they felt perfectly natural

Seller: 5/5 -Did far more than what was necessary, Helped me out and was just amazing.

Over all: Seriously I've never ordered a product and been so amazed and satisfied. Probably one of my top purchases of the year, definitely in my top 5! and will be buying from the seller soon hopefully!

The store:I-dollsuk

Comment below if you have any questions ö◡ö ✿

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Oh so messy...

As I both do nothing, with my life, and aspire to do very little, I always find myself tidying for hours on end, I do not mean for this to seem like I adore cleaning. I enjoy sorting things, but I come from a family of hoarders. And with tendencies in which I cannot deny, I too collect random junk. I feel emotional for throwing away old broken hair dryers, old tiles, and over the years everyone else's junk has accumulated in my room and I just haven't had the heart to throw such objects away. I constantly look for uses from these, such as food jars become hair clip and bead jars, old ribbons from cakes and clothing go in my crafts book, but no matter who much I go through there's always another mountain to go through.

I currently face my deepest and most painful problem of going through clothes. The memories of me and my family wearing such clothes makes it almost impossible to throw such hideous objects out, as much as I dream of having a cute tidy wardrobe, my floor is constantly surrounded in everyone else's junk I need to sort through. even yesterday my sister threw in a bag of junk she didn't want which has lead to more and more clothes to sort through. I've sorted through these clothes over 50 times this year already and I've only got rid of around 10 articles of clothing.

Where I both see the potential in object, say old t-shirts becoming pillows and craft material, there is far to much to keep as side till then. I've only just finally decided what to do with a t-shirt I've been hoarding since I was 6 but how long will it take me to figure out what to do with the others, and will I have the heart to do it?

Though through writing this I feel a surge of passion to sort through this clutter, I don't know if sheer laziness will crab hold of me again to the point where I can no longer keep the will power to not throw away this endless junk. I have one pile for average wear, one Lolita pile, one cosplay, one swim stuff and underwear etc, one for my mother etc and one charity. though by the end of each day these piles merge together again, thus making me start from the beginning the very next day.

I've been working on this room for years now, but I've only finally gained the true motivation to tidy it through Lolita. I long for an elegant and tidy organised room, but until I can overcome the hoarding tendencies I think I'll be sorting through old slippers and broken hangers for weeks to come.