Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Kawaii Poverty tips: Printable figurines

You may be thinking- What? Kawaii Poverty? But rest assured I'm not barmy.

Being poor and growing up in poverty really makes you aware of what its like to not have things, now that I am older and we have more resources available to more people I thought I'd give some tips to kawaiify or anime-fy your room.

I'll be doing a short series of tips and tricks to help you out whether you're struggling financially or not- these tips and tricks will still work wonders

Printable Figurines:

Paper craft anime figures have really hit it all over the net- with some being so intricate that they appear like your usual figurine, to the more cute box shaped ones. Figurines are expensive but can really brighten up a room. 

I wish I had found out about these when I were younger!
If you have an issue with printing e.g. no printer you can use school printers- they usually let you print for free or pay a small fee, or library printers which you use a small fee.

A couple of pennies for a fun DIY Figurine, much cheaper than the alternative

Below I will link two cute figurines to start you on your journey- please check out these amazing artists, and if you create any of these let me know!